The symbiotic relationships between humans and plants are intimate, ancient and uniquely beautiful. No matter where you are, healing plants are interacting with you from underfoot and towering above. Plants guide us as we walk through forests, arrive around our homes, resiliently sprout up from broken concrete, react to our love and continual nurturing in gardens. Each of us are already in resonance with our Earth Mother, whether you feel a spiritual or energetic vibration or lean towards scientific understanding.       

Biophillia speaks to human's innate tendency to seek connections with the natural world, the living systems of which we are a part. This is observed physiologically in humans with the simple act of smelling soil, which releases the hormone Oxytocin, the same chemical that promotes bonding between mother and child. Oxytocin also activates strong feelings of connection and trust. Our inborn consciousness is initiating physical responses asking us to remember, to trust. 

As a continuously evolving project, Deep River Medicinals will soon be offering interactive courses in collaboration with The Medicine Within as a guide to deepen our relationships and healing through greater understandings of medicinal plants and the natural world.

Revisit for offerings on updated courses, plant meditations, recipes, products and more! 
Image by Vero Photoart