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Milky Oats Cordial 


Avena sativa - Garden harvested, Western Washington 


Raw | unfiltered honey - Willamette Valley, Oregon * 

- 1 oz

Milky Oats medicine is made from the harvested tops of Wild Oats during the latex stage of development. Deeply nourishing to the nervous and endocrine systems. A balancing tonic for those who are experiencing mental or physical exhaustion. Can be taken daily to support optimal levels in energy and mood. Also, known to aid in transitions when disengaging from habits or addictions. 

* From treatment free hives! Support your local beekeepers who practice ethical, bee-centric techniques.


Bourbon - 50% Alcohol Extraction 

PRICE: $12 + $5 standard shipping in US

TO ORDER: Please message me with your desired items and payment options will be provided. 

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