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Elderberry Syrup Blend


Sambucus Nigra (Wild Harvested Dried Berries: Methow Valley, Washington) + Organic Cassia Cinnamon chips, Organic Cloves + Organic Star Anise - 3 oz


Special small batch, wild harvested Elderberries from my favorite forests. Decocting your own syrup allows YOUR magic to go into the medicine + will yield larger amount. If using the full blend and ratios provided, you'll make 24 oz of Elderberry Syrup with the addition of honey * and 36 oz with an optional alcohol stabilizer. Printed step by step method included! 

* For greatest benefit use local, raw & unfiltered honey. Support your local beekeepers who practice ethical, bee-centric techniques.

PRICE: $14 + $5 standard shipping in US

TO ORDER: Please message me with your desired items and payment options will be provided. 

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